About Salvador Alicea - Salvador Alicea

About Salvador Alicea


I've been interested on photography since I purchased my first 35 mm camera in the 1980s and joined the University of Puerto Rico’s photography club. In 1984 I began a formal study of photography completing the course of two (2) years of science in photography at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus while I was completing my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. After finished my studies, I became a photographer assistant for a great photographer, with whom I shared three wonderful years learning the art of commercial photography, growing up as a photographer.

With the advent of digital photography I crossed the border to digital leaving behind the developing of black and white photography in the darkroom ( I miss the magic of B&W developing). During the transition I explored to find an effective way to apply my knowledge of analogue photography work flow to the digital photography including the zone system.

I have been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. I specialize in landscape, fine art, and commercial photography. As educator, I had offered photography workshops and expeditions over the last 9 years in Puerto Rico Island with the goal of passing my knowledge to others.

My Statement

We all tend to be trapped in our daily life, in an accelerated time routine. Our everyday routine disconnects us from our habitat; the nature, its cycles, its rhythms and seasons. Our hurried life rarely allows us to take the time to see the natural beauty that surrounds us. Neither, allows us to stop and live our “here and now”- our present.

Through photography I manage to escape from the lethargic state of the daily routine and it allows me to explore and contemplate what the world and nature have for me. This exploration process of the “unseen” helps me delve deeper into the world of detail, its color and in the presence of light and its absence.

My goal as a photographer is to make photographs that draw the viewer deeper into the present moment. Focusing on details, colors, beautiful lighting and finding a unique perspective to help others to make a stop at their routine and live the “here and now”.

My photographs are an instrument of meditation and contemplation, the means to enjoy the present moment, again and again. And to help all of us to understand the importance of preserving and protecting the natural beauty that surrounds us.